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Business Plan

Mission & Vision

Image by Dylan Gillis

Qbix Inc. was founded in 2011, with a mission to empower people and unite communities. This mission was borne out of a need for better software to connect people without centralized platforms operated by rent-seeking corporations. All around the world, studies show that "social" networking platforms were not really fostering social connections, and the more people used them, the less social they were in real life.

Since then, apps built by Qbix have reached 7 million people in countries all around the world, and generated nearly a million dollars in revenue to date. Most of that money was reinvested over the years into the open source Qbix Platform, in order to democratize access to the kind of technology that powers Facebook and other large platforms, allowing any community, organization, or startup, to release an app to unite their members and help them connect and collaborate with one another.

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