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There are lots of frameworks out there for making websites. You've probably encountered them. Well, Qbix is different. It was designed from the ground up to power social apps. Out of the box, Qbix helps any app support user accounts, real-time collaboration and offline notifications, automatically scaling up to millions of users if necessary.

Curious to know more? Explore our App abilities and features below..

Building With Qbix

Apps built with Qbix can go viral as they work on practically every device and integrate with

  • emails + address books

  • mobile phones + contacts

  • facebook accounts + friend lists

A New Landscape

If you build or use websites, you know the landscape has steadily changed. Over 60% of mobile phone users now use internet-enabled smartphones. You need to reach them where they are.

Your Apps Run Everywhere

Qbix also has out-of-the-box support for making "native" apps that you can distribute through app stores.


Watch in depth tutorials curated from our team which showcase how to navigate, use and implement some of the best features which Qbix has to offer!

Case Studies

In depth examples of applications we have built for clients


Andrew Yang

Qbix apps can help political campaigns empower and organize their volunteers for effective leadership and engagement.


Free Talk Live

Qbix apps can help any podcast reach their own members directly without rentseeking gatekeepers.



Qbix apps help any organizations run vibrant conferences and grow an extended online community.

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