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Business Meeting

Our Current Funding Round

Describes the current investment opportunity to invest in Phase 2 of the company
Investor Presentation
Learn more about QBIX's technology, roadmap, existing traction, market opportunity, competitive landscape and more.
Understand more about the investment opportunity with investing in Qbix
Dive deep into more information about QBIX and the company's future plans 
Financial Reports

Convertible Note Round

Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 5.31.44 PM.png

The chart above showcases the type of funding which Qbix has already received from different sources.

What we have done so far:

Our apps are used 1.5 million times a month by people in nearly 100 countries. They generate increasing revenues every month. We have launched the open source Qbix Platform 1.0 and built several community apps using it. Our average customer pays us $30,000 per app.

The following image is an overview of our net revenues just from app sales and in-app purchases (Phase 1), after Apple's 30% cut. This doesn't include revenue from advertising and client projects (Phase 2) 

A woman sitting by her computer in a trading room

Watch These Videos:

Learn about Qbix's Business, Technology, Customers and see Testimonials.

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