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Qbix was built from the ground up to help development teams be more productive.

Build once, run everywhere: 

Apps built on Qbix can run on desktop browsers, tablets and mobile phones practically out of the box. A unified framework allows for easier maintenance.


Re-use your code: 

Qbix is extremely modular. In fact, once you are done with your app, you can easily package any new functionality you've built as a plugin, to be installed and re-used in any other app. You will even be able to develop and sell plugins in our marketplace.


Support many users:

We've done all the hard work of handling user registration, authentication, address book import, authentication, etc. Focus on writing your app, not reinventing the wheel.


Real-time collaboration:

Qbix goes far beyond REST-based resource management. Just like Unix lets you work using files, Qbix lets you work using streams, which support joining, leaving, posting messages, real-time updates, subscriptions and notifications, and granular access control that integrates seamlessly with the user's contacts. People can, for example, invite their friends to a chess game, get updates in real time, and set up alerts on their phone. All you have to do is write the front-end interface to render and play the chess game.



Unlike other web frameworks, Qbix is ready to handle the day your app makes it big. The database layer automatically supports sharding, and can smoothly scale your back end even as your app stays online, maintaining 99.99% uptime.



Thanks to its design choices, Qbix is very efficient. It minimizes round-trips to the server, and supports caching at all layers. But since it uses, the caches are almost never out of date.



We know that many frameworks make it hard to achieve exactly what you need. That's why you can override almost anything in Qbix. You can also easily import classes from other frameworks such asZend and our autoloader won't get jealous — it's designed to play nice with others.


Built for teams:

Qbix is designed for teams of developers, designers, testers and sysadmins to work together. Each team member can configure their local environment, with their own database credentials, facebook api keys, paths and so forth, while Qbix's installer keeps track of versions and migrations for each app and plugin. Designers can focus on themes, and testers can focus on tests.

work together

How Qbix can help you

  • Support and Certification: We are available to provide training and guidance on how to get the most out of Qbix. We also plan to offer classes and certification to those developers who want to make money working on Qbix projects.

  • Our community: We are currently in the process of growing our developer community. If you feel you can contribute, by all means join us!

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