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Distributed Publishing

Distributed Publishing

Distributed publishing

The Qbix Platform wasn't just built to scale. It was built to support distributed publishing. That means, instead of everything being centralized in one data center with thousands of shards, anyone can install their own Qbix servers and start hosting apps, publishing streams, and connecting to other Qbix servers.

In a very real sense, Qbix is to social networks as wordpress is to blogs. Any organization can start using the Qbix platform and start inviting users to their streams. They can scale up more shards in their own web host as their activity grows. Each publisher is responsible for arranging hosting for their streams.


Aggregators and publishers

For example, thanks to the distributed nature of Q's streams, an aggregator and the various publishers it aggregates from can all be hosted on different computers in different parts of the world. If one of the publishers goes offline (temporarily or not), the others continue operating.

Unlike search engines today, aggregators won't have to crawl and re-index sites all the time. Instead, they subscribe to streams to receive notifications of any changes. This leads to a much more efficient dynamic – pushing updates instead of periodic polling. And, both sides get to decide if they want to maintain the "relations" binding them together.


Breaking up monopolies

By releasing an open-source solution for many different users to publish streams and manage relations between them, the Qbix platform enables a path to decentralizing search and social networking.

Any person or organization will be able to host an aggregator, whether to power a search portal, or big data analytics, or community curation of content, or any other purpose.

Users will subscribe to aggregators in order to benefit from their connections with various publishers. For example, they'll be able to request an alert whether someone puts a house up for sale in a given location for a certain price. This kind of distributed social platform represents a significant leap forward.

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